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Sunset Shimmer vs The Sirens :icongoofycabal:Goofycabal 177 19
Burnt Offerings
Burnt Offerings
The Papier-mâché statue.
Wind blown,
Watch him stand guard.
His painted eyes gauge everyone's
He makes the feeble
Makes the braggarts puff
their chests.
This sacrificial guardian
his destiny
of ashes and flame.
You envy him.
The drummers wake.
Leaping heel-toe-heel-toe,
a primal stalk
before their instruments.
Your ears pulse to the rumble
of stick-on-taught-drum skin.
Your heart matches pace.
Bass drum
drowns its smaller brethren,
a quickening of rate.
Drummers frenzy,
their whirling sticks
with the night air.
You feel their drumbeats
in your gut.
A spirit
of the ancients
takes your muscles,
sways you side-to-side.
Frenzy pitch
at the drumsticks' clatter.
The sentinel ignites.
Fire dances
to the growling drums.
from his spine.
The drummers
urge the flames
to rise,
The flames
take breath.
Papier-mâché thighs
blossom with burning
A fiery gout
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8 Simple Rules
People often ask how I became such a successful author. I laugh, and tell them it was inevitable. But then they ask: “Well, how did you do it?” I simply stare at them. Wild eyed. Really make them squirm. It’s best when I don’t blink. If that fails to scare them off, I’ll be forced to sigh and actually offer them advice. Something along the lines of:
Step 1: Get plenty of rest before you start writing. About 18 hours straight should suffice. If you have trouble getting to sleep, a few glasses of bourbon are likely to be beneficial.
Step 2: Use your dreams as inspiration. However, be careful how you word the story. Don’t outright state that you rode down the street on the back of a giant hotdog, for example. Especially leave out that your mother (in a bikini) was throwing handfuls of coins at you. Instead, be creative. Suggest that the person riding the hotdog was your nemesis. Strongly imply that this happened in real life. Deny that it
:icongoofycabal:Goofycabal 8 9
I See What You Did There
A world of stories waits to be told.
So can you tell me how to get,
                       how to get to
       Inspiration Street?
A writer’s gaze should never tire
Like Sauron’s       eye
Listen with your eyes
Listen with your eyes
And write everything you see.
I can see a rainbow:
       Where does it start
                               or end?
Bent through the air - a pot of gold?
An enemy’s heart?
Curved from
:icongoofycabal:Goofycabal 4 0
Notable Papyrus
She throws herself open
my contribution.
Invites the hand
strokes I make
clasped right-handed.
At her worst, she glares at me.
Blank. Brooding.
Intimidating. Cold.
My companion in art
she takes what I give
she grabs it tight.
My receptacle.
My resource.
When I am without her,
my hand lingers
When I return
she leaves me
If don’t feed her attention
     when the urge strikes
she doesn’t want it later on.
She dominates my soul.
A bondage I can’t function without.
She’s only satisfied when I give her my heart.
I fill her up, she drains me dry.
She gives me nothing, but my own words in return.
I don’t care – I need her all the same.
I fear the day when I must replace her.
My lover, my mistress,
that criticising bitch.
:icongoofycabal:Goofycabal 2 2
I’m being hunted by
Jiminy Cricket.
Everywhere I go
I see him.
Massive, black, in random locations.
The supermarket.
The Men’s room.
The Library door.
Backstroke in the fountain.
Lurking about in no-man’s land.
The Men’s room.
I’m starting to doubt my sanity
       Question my subconscious
       Ponder my dilemmas
                                       Ramble unnecessarily…
                                       I mean, seriously – the Men’s room?
                                       What’s up with that?
:icongoofycabal:Goofycabal 3 5
Fantasize ‘bout locks of yore
On scalp they were
Like mane.
Luscious sideburns framed my face – a King of Rock nickname.
I one time had a mighty fringe
Coiffed by self – so proud.
Long before the trend was set
Emo length in
Look here now the bare skinned pate;
Of scalp’s hirsuteness lost.
Shines in light of daytime hour;
The sunlit skin so glossed.
I ne’er did think my locks would go;
Didn’t dare to dream.
Ever-there was what I thought
Never-gone t’would seem.
Till happenstance occurred one day,
I glimpsed the mirror’s truth.
The scalp that hath been grown upon;
Your comb-o’er bares not youth!”
A different view became the norm;
Nothingness outside.
Encapsulated in new form -
Worn now shaved with pride.
:icongoofycabal:Goofycabal 2 0
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SIN: Dead Origins
"Jesus... Like a slaughterhouse in here." Brison said as he turned the torch to the entrance of the laboratory. There was blood everywhere, on the walls, covering the tiles and dripping from most of the surfaces.
"Keep focused. Any sign of survivors?" Sergeant Wright asked before coming into the room and looking around himself. "Shit..."
"Damnit Sarge, there aren't even any bodies. Ain't payed enough for... For this!"
Brison was right, there was blood everywhere but not even one body.
"You think you could get the lights working again?" Wright asked while shining his own torch around the room.
"Lights?" Brison shook his head to clear the scene around him out of his thoughts so he could focus on what Wright was asking. "Ah, not a good idea sir. There are a number of breaches in the laboratory walls letting the outside gasses in. A single spark and this place could go up in flames." He pulled a small computer out of his back pack and looked over some schematics. "Seems the food quarter is
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So, Issue 2 of Waikato University's Mayhem journal came out on December 4th - and my piece 8 Simple Rules was included :D

Direct link to the piece in Journal Form:…

Of course, there's also a whole slew of awesome work in the journal itself.


Karl Guethert
New Zealand
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Favourite genre of music: Rock. REAL Rock. Not the modern "please everyone psuedo-rock", but 70's and 80's
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Skin of choice: Not itchy
Personal Quote: "Hey, what smells like blue?"


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